BioStock Images features the work of biologist Olin Feuerbacher.  I am a former professional photographer from the days of film, turned biologist and scientific illustrator.  I do not sell images directly from this site – sales are handled through a variety of agencies.  I just don’t have the time to provide good customer service as my life as a scientist takes precedence.  However, there is one exception – All images are available free of charge for use in academic, research, conservation, or educational applications.  Written permission for use is required in advance.  If you see images that you feel would be a benefit to your organization, please contact me directly so I can get you the images you need.  Even if you don’t see it in my online galleries, feel free to ask.  I have thousands of images yet to be digitized.

So what then is the purpose of BioStock Images?  Well, there is the obvious; to provide exposure to the images I have for sale at other agencies, and maybe make a few bucks from advertising.  Just being a scientist doesn’t mean I am entirely altruistic!  But also, I hope that I can help other aspiring photographers find their niche, both in art as well as sales.

I have recently begun exploring the world of microstock.  When microstock first crept into the market, I felt it was abhorrent, a complete devaluation of “real” photography.  My attitude has slowly changed, and I will discuss my change of heart in the Microstock Blog.  I am still undecided as to whether microstock is for me.  It’s a tough way to make a buck; a far cry from the promises of a few years ago, “dump your hard drive on one of these sites and let the loot roll in”.

Animal and nature shots are a particularly hard sell, since the market favors slick, highly stylized commercial shots.  As I continue testing the waters, I will share my findings as to what works and what doesn’t so other scientific photographers can decide if stock is for them.  Hopefully I can help others make it into this field with fewer bumps along the way.

I love science and I love photography.   I feature some of my favorite images from other photographers in the Photo Features Section.  I’m also a hopeless gear head and do-it-yourselfer, so I have devoted the Tools and Techniques section to these pursuits.

Welcome and enjoy!

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